5 Tips on How to Sell Your House Fast Without a Realtor/Agent

Getting people to buy your house is a cumbersome and highly technical task, but could be a very easy task to execute with the right information to guide your action. ? Can you really get to get an answer to how to sell my house fast question without a realtor’s help?

Some would often ask as to why they should do the selling themselves when they can employ the service of a realtor or agent. You should know that the commission you give on sale to an agent/realtor can pay for other things such as your domestic bills, cater for your children fees or get you a little car to make yourself mobile. To be your own realtor is never as difficult as much as you think provided you consider the secrets behind the fast house sale feats by real estate agents as shall be analyzed below:

1. Treat your house to a great look

Just like the food we eat, the clothes we wear, the office in which we work, or the car in which we move around; your house is also deserving of a good look. A great look is in itself a form of product packaging which not only entices prospective buyers to your house but also gives it a proper valuation advantage.  Like every other commodity, there is no doubt that a neatly packaged house will sell far better and faster than the haggard looking ones.

2. Don’t be outrageous with pricing

While it could be economically true that there is no standard measure for what is considered ‘reasonable pricing’ for a commodity, an outrageous pricing for a commodity could be easily discerned by mere intuition. A house owner that seeks to sell his house fast should not overvalue the property being put up for sale as such could deter prospective buyers from placing their bids.sell your house fast

3. Employ the services of a real estate lawyer

As earlier pointed out, property sale is a technical and legal matter in need of elements of professionalism. For a homeowner that seeks to sell his house fast without employing the services of an estate agent or realtor, the services of a qualified real estate lawyer could be a preferred alternative. Such will help to handle the complicated part of contracts, oversee signatures and exchange of documents, review terms in the contract as well as oversee every other technical and legal matters arising during the negotiation and the point of outright transfer of property by the house owner to the buyer.

4. Make good use of marketing to reach out to buyers

Creating great ad contents, and reach out to as many estate marketing channels as possible with pictures of the property being put for a quick house sale, a full description of it, the price and location is one of the easiest ways through which buyers you could get a fast sale for your property. Social media marketing is an important touchpoint through which sellers get in touch with a pool of buyers today.

5. Make your home available to inspection without compromising security

When a prospective buyer makes a request to inspect the property you are about to sell to them, allow them to do so; but never compromise the security of your home. Inspection on property often build buyers confidence and facilitate the sale.

I hope these tips help you in selling your house without an agent. If you want to sell your house fast for cash and avoid agent fees etc., contact us and if your house meets our requirements, we will buy it real quick!

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